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Hello, I am seeking some career advice, and I figured this would be the best place to start. I have been working in IT for around 10 years, I hold a bachelor degree in information systems and have multiple certs already: A+, Net+, Security+, CCNA (expires in 2017) and MCSA 2003.

I am currently working in the data center a system admin for a decent size company (around 20,000 employees.) In this role I manage both Windows and Linux Servers; we use VMware to virtualize the majority of them.

The issue I am having, my pay is still that of a level 2 support person. While I appreciate the opportunity they are giving me to manage a server environment, I feel like I am underpaid in this role. In the future, I am looking to explore my options at a different company.

I am wondering if you guys think getting additional certifications or upgrading to my MCSA to an MCSA or MCSE 2012 would help me in my job search in the future. There is an incredible personal cost to do this, which I estimate at around $1000 for VCP5-DCV (I will be taking the class in a few months) and MCSE 2012 and I am on the fence that this would help my job prospects in the future. I currently think that my experience would be enough; however, I am not against certification if it is the correct course.


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    I think you should learn whatever is relevant to your career and go with something affordable...
    Honestly I don't see how upgrading the MCSE will help your networking career unless you're doing something Cloud related
    Don't just do a cert for the sake of doing a cert...
    But then what do I know? icon_redface.gif
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    You don't state whether or not you've already talked to the "powers that be" regarding your pay.

    As for going for the MCSE, I can only speak for myself... If I (as an IT Manager) see that a person has a MCSE, I would expect them to have indepth experience of either Exchange (multi exchange server infrastructure) for the MCSE: Messaging, indepth experience of AD RMS/AD FS/SCCM for the MCSE: Server Infrastructure, etc...

    You haven't listed your experience or responsibilities, but then again, I'm only speaking on my behalf.

    As you state that you're working with VMWare and that you're considering the VCP5-DCV, why don't you see if your work will pay for it, if they don't want to increase your salary?
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