VSAT training

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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this or share this idea but I couldn't help but notice the trends that has been going on since I joined te.net.

I'm a Networking student, currently pursuing my degree in Electronics and Computer Science, upon completion I plan to pursue my Masters in Computer Networks.
Everything seems good so far, I am even planning to write my CCNA soon as I took classes in my summer holidays. The thing is I think I want to go into Satellite Networking. I'm talking about VSAT installations, Wireless ISP as I even plan to start my own ISP company sometime in the future. What do you guys suggest ? What course can I do ? I know about the SP track in Cisco and I'm planning to go into that but I am not sure if Cisco takes the lead in Vsats and all those stuff. Can anyone help me ?

Any information/idea would be greatly appreciated.
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