Passed i-Net+ today

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Score 844/900. I used the book I described in a previous thread ( and the Transcender practice exam.


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    Good deal! I was thinking about taking this one eventually... How much study time did you put into it?
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    Basically I read the book I indicated above, and also spend about 10 minutes every day reviewing previously covered material. I took the Transcender test untill scoring 100%. I already came into this knowning HTML and XML. I would say Tcat Houser was right in calling the test Network+I, as there were a lot of networking questions.

    Added in edit: I notice that you already have A+, Network+, and Security+. I don't think you'll have a problem with this one. 30% is Internet basics and clients (Network+ covers this), 20% is networking (Network+ again), and 20% is security (covered by Security+). That leaves Development (20%) and business concepts (10%). If you know HTML and know what all the popular web scripting langauges are used for, you'll be fine on Development. That leaves only the business concepts, and they aren't difficult, you just need to memorize a couple dozen acronyms and what they mean.
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    Doesn't sound too bad. I think I will hold off on it until after a couple other certs I am working on.
    Thanks :)
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    Congrats dude!
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    GOOD JOB!!!! :D
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