How much different is it working with Cisco vs Juniper hardware

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Hello all,

I realize that this is in the Cisco section but I assume many of you have worked with Juniper as well. I currently work in a 100% cisco shop and am interviewing for a position at a company that has a mix of both Cisco and Juniper.

I'm CCNP certified and like to think I know Cisco hardware very well. How much different would it be to throw Juniper into the mix? I have had zero exposure to Juniper hardware. Is working in the command line much different between the two? Or is just a matter of slightly different syntax?

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    JunOS is pretty easy to understand. Get the Junos for IOS Engineers ebook for free off of Amazon or the Juniper site. You can also run JunOS as a VM for some practice.
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    I found it harder to learn the hardware side rather than the OS side. Overall though you can draw similarities (sup = RE, line card = FPC etc.) to ease your transition. Anyone who really knows the fundamentals shouldn't have much trouble applying them to another platform. Junos as a second language is a good primer.
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    I have had some exposure to Juniper stuff from work. I can say that from the JUNOS point of view the command syntax structure is VERY similar. Infact there are many features I like better with JUNOS than with Cisco IOS. However there are some nuances too. I didn't like their 'syslog' as you have to access multiple types of log files and pipe in information for it to make since. It has a deeper UNIX/LINUX functionality here. After NP this is the first thing I will be doing is going after my JNCIA as there is such a large presense of Juniper on my company's network.
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