Narbik Bootcamp Aug 11 - 20th

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I've signed up for Narbik 10 day bootcamp next month was was wondering if anyone else here is going. I'm at the beginning of my CCIE study (only a month in) but since there is free retakes, I couldn't resist. I do work in the field as a NOC Analyst and want to move to engineering.


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    From the reviews I have read online about Narbiks bootcamps quite a few of them said that the best time to take a Narbik bootcamp is at the start of your studies
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    I've been to a Narbik bootcamp and I feel like the best time to go would be halfway or near the end of your studies. You should be using the bootcamp to fill in gaps and round out your knowledge, otherwise you're going to spend so much time moving through subjects and taking notes you won't be able to learn as much.

    OTOH, the benefit of going at the beginning is you get access to all of his workbooks/training material that you can work through in the next year then retake the bootcamp later when you're closer to being ready. He also offers his students SUPER cheap rack rental time. You can rent it for an entire month and it's yours to use 24/7 whenever you need it.

    In my case, I had already gone through all of INE's material so I didn't need Narbik's.
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    I've read a lot of reviews on his bootcamp and there were quite a few that said that they had wish they would of went in the beginning of their studies. Being that the CCIE version just changed, I can retake his bootcamp with just rack rental fees until the next version of the CCIE. I'll try and do a blog with my experience coming from someone just at the beginning of their studies.
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