Connecting servers?

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I have a bare metal setup of windows server 2012 with the hyperV role installed. The computer also has a Wireless card installed. If i want to connect the virtualized win 8 client to a private network simmilar to vmware workstation. Im not sure of how to do this because if for example i install DHCP on win server 2012 i dont want it giving ip's to my other devices on my home network. I was looking on the networking portion of hyperV and saw some selections for private,internal and external. Which one of those would i use to create a lab environment that will allow me to connect my bare metal server as well as my vms. BTW also want vms to be able to connect to internet. Thanks :)


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    Just create a small scope that covers the no. of IP's needed for your VM environment, that way once you've fired up all your VM's the scope will have no IP's left to issue to any other devices that subsequently come online.

    Also I'm sure there's some DHCP labs on the MS virtual labs site so you could just play with them.
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