Which Cert Should I Get Next?

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I've got A+, and I'm taking the Network+ exam in a couple weeks. What should I study for next? My current job is not IT-related. I have minor experience as a computer tech. Security interests me, so I do want to take Security+. What's considered marketable though? I would guess MS certs would be. I have interest in Linux, but there's not much demand for that. I've been applying on Craigslist but not much luck. I've had a couple interviews. After I get my Network+, I'm going to be more aggressive applying and calling around. There are a bunch of DoD jobs in this area, and I see CompTIA requirements every now and then. Thoughts?


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    Land an entry level job. With A+ and N+ it shouldn't be too hard to do. (Of course this depends which area you are in).

    Honestly if DoD is what you have your sites set on then I would look at their requirements and get the certification that comes up the most often.
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    Your all over the place right now. I know that feeling I want to do ten things at once.

    Your best bet is to get a job. I would finish the trio because I think you will find DoD jobs want that cert.

    Good Luck!
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    Complete the trifecta because DoD jobs usually require Sec+ anyways.

    Even then, as N2IT said, you should try to find an entry level job to get your foot in the door and get some real world experience.

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    Well, I've been trying to land a job. It doesn't need to be DoD. I've even been applying for helpdesk and jobs that state little experience required. I get the impression the reason I got those two interviews is due to the little computer tech experience I had at a shop. When they find out I haven't worked there long, I get the feeling they disregard me.

    Every single interviewer I've come across has always asked about networking. What should I say when they ask that? What are they looking for? I don't have any work-related networking experience.

    Also which Security+ book should I get? I like detailed thorough books. I read Meyers for A+ and Lammle for Network+.
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    For security + Darril Gibson I believe has the best book or has the most endorsements on this forum. I used it back in 2012 and it worked well.
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