VCDX-SAA (Storage and Availability)

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Wonder if the rumor is true
There is a very strong rumour that the next VCDX track to be announced will be “Storage and Availability” (VCDX-SAA). This will be the final track to complete the SDDC “Quad VCDX” super architect classification (Data Center, Cloud, Network and Storage). No indication of when it will be announced, just keep an eye out for it. I would imagine it will include SRM and VSAN.

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    Nice. It makes sense in SDDC. I suspect metro cluster will be a part of it as well.
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    I like the idea of Rise of the Super Architect lol ..

    Speaking of .. never knew that - but he also comments on the CCar .. $15k ... really ? Paying $3750 initially for the "consideration" of Cisco - which doesn't even secure you the right to do the defence :o
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    Yeah that's another way Cisco rips people off.

    I like the idea behind this rumored cert track, it was about time VMware starting introducing these certifications with the rise of the SDDC. I look forward to this track.
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