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I recently just passed the Network+ a couple of weeks ago and I want to plan my next move. I just began my last semester in my AAS in IT program at my community college. I'm only taking 6 hours this semester. My courses are System Analysis and Design and my internship. At my internship I'm basically doing user support, uninstalling and deploying workstations, troubleshooting printers, putting together hard drives for a backup server, cleaning up the server room and reorganizing inventory. My other class is online and is going pretty well already considering I have all of my homework done for the week considering today is the 2nd day of the semester. With all of that being I have two vouchers left for the A+ and Security+ that I have to use by the middle of January, 2015. Would it be possible to get both before then? Would it be wise to just to skip the cram book and watch the Professor Messmer videos and cram for the A+ and pass it before Halloween (which gives me 2 months) and then go all in for the Security+?


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    It is possible to get both before the vouchers expire. It just depends on how much time you spend studying and how effective the studying is for you. Ultimately, I felt that A+ was harder than either Network+ and Security+. Honestly, I'd take the Security+ next as there will be some overlap between it and the Network+ exam.
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    I would agree going for the A+ first as it seems this is the most directly related to what your doing now. I think its doable if you have the time to dedicate to it and can pick everything up. My only advise would be make sure you understand the material don't sacrifice that for sake of rushing to get it over with.

    I haven't taken security+ so I am not sure the difficulty or where that falls in the trio though.
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    Thanks guys. I'm going to take a practice test for the A+ tomorrow and see where I'm at and then decide what I'm going to do. If I am somewhere around 70% cold, I may just cram. However, if I'm below 60% I may read the book.
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    Okay, I took a practice test today. I got a 572 on the 801 and a 676 on the 802, totally cold turkey. I'm going to watch some Professor Messemer's videos over the weekend and take it again.
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    If you already have a decent base of knowledge on these exams and want to bone up quickly, I recommend the Exam Cram book (along with the Exam Cram practice test book). It's not a starting-from-scratch A+ guide, but it's good when you want to back up your already-existing knowledge.
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