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Hello friends I'm entering the world of IT certifications and wanted to ask some advice, now I have 6 years experience in technical support and feel the need to advance, I have most of my career in electrical engineering approved but due to lack of time I've been able to finish.

Since I am working in the area of IT wanted to take some certifications to help me with my professional development, next week I start a course of ITIL Foundations V3 and end of month will start a CCNAX Routing and Switching for which already been studying much, although I feel it is a lot of content have come a long way, after these courses would take my two certifications and really draws attention the area of network security.

The question I want to make is this, could make a successful career by obtaining many certifications or consider it a waste of time and I try to get my degree ???

I would like to get a CCNA Security or CCNP plus a Microsoft MCSE certification and then some network security, I see that many of you have much experience in the area and could help me, greetings from Venezuela and thank you very much for your help.

PS sorry for bad English :)icon_study.gif


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    Studying for certifications is not a waste of time, however certifications alone usually won't land you a job.
    Combining degree(s), certifications and work experience can be a good stream to go.

    Both ITIL and CCNA are good certifications, and it looks like you have decided which one to start with.

    My suggestion is that you pass those certifications first, and then look which further path to take.
    Perhaps during your studies you will pick up things or specific subjects that you find interesting and want to specialize in.
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    Thanks Trashman I'll Take your advice but the problem is that I still missing a few years to finish my career icon_sad.gif But I suppose i need a Little bit of patience, i will continue reading this excellent forum to find more information, and if someone else want to advice me will be wlecome
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