Got CCENT working on CCNA, boss wants me to get 700-501 SMBEN

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Hey Techexams,

I recently passed the ICND1 with 947/1000 and have been working towards my ICND2, hopefully by the end of October. My employer congratulated me and asked that I join my cisco ID with the business / partner. I did so. I was then asked if I would be able to take and pass 700-501 for the company.

Cisco Systems

I haven't been able to find a lot of information about this exam online. Can anyone elaborate and let me know if this is something I will be able to tackle with CCNA-level knowledge? Is it a sales exam or a technical exam?

Thanks for the assistance.
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    It doesn't look comparable to the CCNA. It's more of a sales/partner type deal that covers Cisco product offerings. If your company wants you to take this they should have access to the training material.
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