CCENT on Monday

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I've been on these forums for a few weeks now but I haven't made an account up until today. I figured, since I scheduled my CCENT today, might as well join the discussion.

This will be my first certification exam ever. After many long months of studying using Wendell Odom's books and CBT nuggets videos I think I am finally ready to tackle this thing. I used the simulator that came with Odom's books and some packet tracer labs for practice. One complaint I have with Odom's simulator labs and his book too is that it's very repetitive and dry. And not in a good way. It means there's a lot of garbage to read through before you get to the main points of the topic. The author really needs to work on conciseness. The labs are probably the worst part. Most of them are very short and make you take the same babysteps over and over in each lab, asking stupid obvious questions. If you have a short attention span these books are not for you.

Anyway, today I will be ripping through and cramming OSPF and ACL labs for some final studying. I will post here tomorrow night if I pass or not.


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    I'm a big fan of this command: sh ip os int

    Good Luck!
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    Good Luck on the exam!
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    Good luck, if you have studied, things should be kosher, have fun.
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    I passed ICND1!! 933. Could have done better if the choices were consistent with the the question/scenario given, It's like they purposely did that to screw you up.


    now I'm going for ICND2 and MCSA.. but not until next week. My brain needs to rest lol.
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