passed ccent/icnd1

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Passed today with an 894. Long journey for me. I the official cert books, cbtnuggets, flash cards and a lab Sim. I can not say enough good things about cbtnuggets best video class I have seen.

I know I missed a few of the vague questions. I would read them 2 or 3 and say to myself ... It depends what they mean.


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    Congrats on the pass. Did you use any practise exams during your preparation?
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    congrats on the pass icon_cool.gif
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    I know I missed a few of the vague questions. I would read them 2 or 3 and say to myself ... It depends what they mean.

    Yes! I know what you mean! I have that exact same problem when I take a quiz in the book I am studying from. I find myself sometimes giving a secondary answer in my notes as an "if this is what they mean, then it will be this answer" kind of thing. It's frustrating!
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    Congrats on the pass! This is what I'm currently working on, same primary study materials. Seeing posts like this give me confidence in my studies going forward.

    And I agree, CBTnuggets are the bomb.
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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif CBT Nuggets does a great job presenting all of their certification material.
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    Congrats! I believe I had the exam same score for CCENT as well. Good luck on ICND2 if you're going for it!

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    Congrats! Are you planning to continue on to ICND2?
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    I used the trancender exam that came with cbtnuggets. I mostly did 10 question quizzes to learn the style of questions and to get a feel of where I was at. With nearly 300 questions i did not run in to many repeated questions. I am hoping to take incdn2 by the end of the year.
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