Comp TIA Q3 06

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I see the new stuff is coming out soon. How will this effect new people to the game and does anyone have the leg up on where to get current and up to date study guides for 2006? I want to start but of course I want the right stuff. 2003 is so yesterday. Or should one hurry up and do 2003 before the change over?
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    Well, they say if you are currently studying for A+ to continue with it and not stop to wait for the new one. I don't know if any material is out for the new tests yet since other than what each one is aiming for as far as employment, I have not seen anything else about them. I'm sure if you contacted CompTIA, they could tell you if there is anything new out or when it will be out. icon_confused.gif

    But, if you've been working on it already, just finish it out, I think the new ones will be more expensive also... icon_sad.gif
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