CME and CUE Redundancy

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Hey everyone,

Had a question I'm looking into to provide redundancy for a CME router and a fail safe for CUE.

Regarding CUE:
I did some research and could not find anything stating that there is a any redundancy for CUE some cisco postings from other techs stated there is no redundancy for CUE. I had 2 different NM-CUE and NME-CUE go bad and the way the call flow is setup is inbound call is sent to AA on CUE then through the scripts it handles transfers etc. Issue is when they go bad calls are not sent anywhere since the translation pattern and dial-peer is set for the AA. Is there a way as a backup if the CUE goes down to automatically have it send inbound calls to an extension?

Regarding CME:
For redundancy on the the CME I seen in the cisco docs state all I need to do is have 2 router with the exact same config and on the primary and secondary set:

ip source (primary ip) secondary (ip of backup)

Would it make sense to implement HSRP on the routers as well?

Also if on the secondary router it has a nme-cue with the identical configs and the cme router goes down would the phones seamlessly register and operate with the nme-cue on the back up router?


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    those devices are not really made for redundancy.

    You can setup dial peers with difference preferences, so if you send the call to one dial-peer and it fails you can have it failover. I've never tried it with a CUE, but I'm sure with some tweaking it would work good enough for what you are looking for.
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    Hey Shodown

    thanks for the reply thats the same thing I was thinking using the dial peer preferences haven't tried it before but it was definitely a thought- have to build out a test cme router with cue to see if it works

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