Google, cloud storage...privacy?

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Maybe I am just paranoid, or maybe it's just being well aware of the Internet drawbacks, but I would like to know how do you preserve your personal privacy while using so many internet exposed products? (Google and their apps, Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/Box and their equivalents, other search engines, Facebook/Twitter...)

everyday we hear of new information leaks, a recent article mentioned that 7 million Dropbox accounts were hacked and information was leaked, this is just one example of course...but Dropbox is where people tend to keep some real private data.
And what about Google bluntly spying on its users? we all (or at least most of us) use at least SOME of Google products, if it's a search engine or email...

It's old news that Facebook does the same, a recent article exposed Facebook's intention to capture data which hasn't been posted or published (like typing a status without submitting, a.k.a keylogging)

I am in an attempt to find alternatives to all major services for all specially important data, but nothing is 100% safe, I guess it's just a matter of time until some of those leak too.

some common alternatives are:

Dropbox alternative - SpiderOak
Email alternative -

I would like to know if people even care for their privacy and what do they do to preserve it :) and if you know of any more alternatives I'd love to hear about those too.


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