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Well, I'm almost ready to take on the CISSP test, so I thought I'd throw out a question and see if anyone bites. Outside of the usual OSI model memonic (Please Do Not Trick Sisters Pet Animal), what tips do you use to remember things in the CISSP domain that aren't intuitive?

For example, Testing is an Administrative control (T-A), where as Auditing is a Technical Control (A-T). Whichever comes first, the second must be the opposite.

What else do you use to remember things, like the differences in EAL levels, when you don't regularly interact with them on the job?


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    Clark Wilson and Biba both have the letter "i" in their names, so that relates to an ""ntegrity model.

    I'm in the process of studying as well. Started in August, my test is in late January, 2015. I'll post more here as I find more mnemonics, shortcuts etc
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    Fire Extinguishers... ABCD-CLEM - After Clement Dupuis the CISSP trainer

    A - C: Common combustibles, paper, wood etc
    B - L: Liquids, Petrol, paraffin etc
    C - E: Electrical, Computers, toasters etc
    D - M: Metals, Sodium
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    SDLCP-(Info Assurance Is Out Dated)
    1. Initiate
    2. Aquire
    3. Implemet
    4. Operations
    5. Disposal

    S-SDLCP (Re Do Damn Test Right)
    1. Req Gather
    2. Design
    3. Develop
    4. Test
    5. Release

    CMMI (I Really Defend My Opinion)
    1. Initial
    2. Repeatable
    3. Defined
    4. Managed
    5. Optimized

    1. Initiation
    2. BIA (Impact)
    3. Preventative
    4. Recovery
    5. Continuity
    6. Test
    7. Manage/Maintain

    Hope that helps, there are a million things you can remember. Just know what happens and why and you should be fine.
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    Which wireless spec came first? Remember BAG, like plastic BAG.

    802.11b (first)
    802.11a (second)
    802.11g (third)
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    for RAID:
    RAID 2 (Bit) - 2 letters after B
    RAID 3 (Byte) - 3 letters after B
    RAID 4 (Block) - 4 letters after B.
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    (ISC)2 Code of Ethics:

    P - Protect
    A - Act
    P - Provide
    A - Advance
    And so you touch this limit, something happens and you suddenly can go a little bit further. With your mind power, your determination, your instinct, and the experience as well, you can fly very high. ~Ayrton Senna
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    Actually, if you are talking about product releases, 802.11 itself came first with the first products hitting the market in 1999. 802.11b products came next in 2000 and 802.11a in 2002. The specs themselves were released in alphabetical order: 802.11 (1997), 802.11a and 802.11b (1999), 802.11g (2003), etc.

    papadoc wrote: »
    Which wireless spec came first? Remember BAG, like plastic BAG.

    802.11b (first)
    802.11a (second)
    802.11g (third)
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    I am the only one who finds this stuff more confusing?
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    I think that some of them can be confusing because you can't relate to them. I think if you are able to make up your own mnemonics that you will have an easier time remembering them. The fire extinguisher one is awesome! I took a practice exam after finishing Physical and Environmental Security and that helped me out a couple of times. Thanks!
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    I am the only one who finds this stuff more confusing?

    ^+1 ha ha This stuff helped me ZERO on the exam. I just thought I would entertain the question.
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    Wish i had seen this before my exam would have really helped. Is there one for Orange book? :D
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    The only tip I can think of for the Orange book is that it goes from least secure to most secure. The alphabet is reversed and the numbers increment properly. So it looks something like this:


    As far as the specifics on each section, that may be a little more challenging. Hopefully someone has a better mechanism than I do.
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    SDLCP-- What does this stand for and difference between S-SDLCP
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    Software Development Life Cycle Process
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    I am taking the exam in a couple of weeks....any more of these mnemonics?  

    Thanks in advance....
    Completed MSCIA f/ WGU~ CISSP 5-days boot camp scheduled :)
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