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I got my hands on a Equinox esp 10/100 8 port Serial hub the other day. Can I use this as a Access Server for my home lab. I have 3 2950's and 3 2600's.? I had a look online and from what i can tell I would need the serial cables from each to the hub. Then I would install the driver and then hook it up to my home network? Does this sound right or am i off tract some where?Thanks


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    A serial Hub? A Hub is a layer 1 device, I highly highly HIGHLY doubt you can use it. Generally an access server is a router itself (layer 3) and uses and octet type cabling.
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    I don't know if you can call it an access server, but i'm sure you could get a way with calling it a termainal server. and, yes, you need the appropriae driver for your computer, the right cables or wiring diagram so you can make them, and of course, it wouldn't hurt to have some directions on how to set it up. But, you have a good start.
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    I going to give it my best shot...right now i'm just trying to set up the up on my local home network....That's where i'm running into a block. I have a DSL that feeding a netgear fs726t smart switch. out of the gige port feeding my belkin wireless router for the rest of the family. I have the hub powerup and pluged in the switch but i cant find it. Those netgear prosafe smart switches are funny sometimes....I have two other cisco 2950 switches that i got along with the serial hub....But every time i try and set them back to default they just lockup? But on the bright side i'm learning and that what counts...icon_study.gif
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