Concerned if my work counts as experience

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I'm coming up working 4yrs as a Security Compliance Analyst. This is the only security job I've had so I figured I had a very narrow level of knowledge and experience only relevant to the company I work for, but after reading an excerpt from a CISSP study book and some practice exam questions I found it all very familiar material to me, which was encouraging.

My concern is if my work until now is good enough to count as experience in the domains.

I can identify at least three of the domains that my work is involved with, and others that it maybe touches on, but given my surface level understanding of the domains at the moment it's really hard to say.

The company I work for is notorious for not paying for employee training so finding a CISSP might be difficult. I intend to have a meeting with the manager on Monday to discuss this, would it be best to find another CISSP and have them look over my position and responsibilities for their opinion on how it fits with the domains? How else could I know?


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    Check the above link for the most up to date requirements. You need to have 5 years of professional experience but 1 year can get waived if you have a 4 year degree or if you have a certificate from their approved list, which can be found on the link below. Also, you only need to have been working in at least 2 domains to qualify. So if your experience is in Compliance and as you said you have dealt with 3 of the domains, that would satisfy the requirements. You could post your resume and the people here would be able to tell you if you meet the requirements. The person sponsoring you does not necessarily have to be employed by your company in order to sponsor you. In can be someone totally stranger or it can be someone you make connections through various meetings. Look at your local groups for any information technology group meetings. Usually you will find someone in those groups that holds a CISSP or SSCP.
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