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I have read pretty much anything I studied several times over, spent countless hours in regards to subnetting and understanding OSPF, since both of those two make up half of the exam I read on topics covered. With all that I am not feeling any better and in fact freaky nervous! Have been told I will get a 30-minute extension because English is not my first language. 140 minutes in total. So, time is really not of concern for me, I think. The conditions of the testing center is great and isolated too.

I wonder if people really twist themselves into knots and overestimate the first part of the CCNA. Does anyone have any advice on what I should try to understand more and fit into my brain quickly. If you have taken the ICND 1 what question category has stumped you most? If any.
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    From what I have seen if you covered all of the material then it is usually time that gets you.
    I don't think you should focus on cramming in more data. Get a good rest and eat something light before you take the test. Whatever you do to relax try that today.

    Good Luck!
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    I personally found EIGRP more difficult to pick-up than OSPF. To understand the topics more for the CCNA I recommend Packet Tracer, CBT Nugget videos and lots of note taking. Good luck for your exam tomorrow and the rest of your stuides.
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    947/1000. woo hoo. Thanks guys for the support! Now onto ICND2 :)
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    Congrats bud, onwards and upwards. Good luck for ICND2 icon_thumright.gif
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    So if you take the exam in the non native language, the benefit is that you gain extra 30 mins?
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    Nice Job. Congrats. For ICND2 focus on EIGRP OSPF VLAN RSTP and Frame Relay
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    Congrats good luck on second exam!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks for all the congrats, I really appreciate it. I have already cracked open the Wendell Odom 200-101 book. Loving it! It's 100 pages shorter than Wendell's 100-101 lol.

    My full exam allowed time was 120 mins, not 140 mins.
    30 mins + if English is not your first language.
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    Goodluck on taking the ICND2 exam! All the best man!
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