Valueable piece of advice please.

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Hi I am new to IT path I have been into accounting but hated that a lot. I hold Engineering Degree. But I always have been so much into IT but unfortunately did`nt pursue but now am aged 27 i think its not too late that I have realize where i want to go.
I wanted to go for CCNA but i was advised by a IT consultant that i should go for COMPTIA A+, then Network+ then CCNA. Infact i dont want to stop learning i want to go big.
I love programming, software side but looking at networking it kinda made interested and I would really appreciate if someone can throw some piece of advise. Whether to Go Compatia then Network + then CCNA, Or Network+ then CCNA.

Many Thanks guys your advice will really make a difference.


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    Honestly you have asked the same question already but there is no right answer. If your interest is in IT then you should use that interest to explore the options. This is not the kind of question that is answered with a quick post.

    Read about the different certifications. Maybe look at some free videos online. If IT is your interest then something is going to grab your attention. Start working on that. The hardest part is getting started.

    If you are brand new to IT pick up a book on A+. You don't have to test for it but you should learn the information.

    Good Luck!
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    You are never too old to learn. If you love programming why not pursue software development?
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    I am north of 50 and now learning new skills, despite my 30 plus years of working with computers I am finding new things out every single day getting ready to take a couple of exams to get that piece of paper and having a ball, so being 27 is certainly not to old, look through all of the different options, read a bit about each one, a path will become clear once you know what you are looking at.

    Good luck and I can tell you right now, I will never be to old to learn!
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