Exam-configs/commands vs understanding functionality

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I wasnt sure how to title this. Basically, I want to know how much of the exam focuses on configurations and commands and hardware setups vs knowing how things work. I have trouble remembering things that seem like more of a IOS designer's problem like "what are the steps LCP uses to establish blah blah blah" or "what are the steps involved in chap authentication" or my favorite "place the fields of an X frame in correct order". I can build networks, configure devices, and drop commands all day, but my memory of lesser operations isn't great.


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    These "lesser operations" are actually what you should learn and not the commands. Commands will vary from vendor to vendor but the protocols will stay mostly the same.
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    I get the general idea of how they work, its just those little details that I get mixed up. For instance I know what LCPs do and how they work, but I can't seem to memorize the exact details for the steps they go through to establish an authenticated connection. Will CCENT ask me general questions about how they work, or are the questions more detailed, like put steps a-z in the exact order in which they occur to make it work?
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    In general I think half of the point of certifications is to expose people to the details that an average worker might just skip over and enter the configs they have always used. I suggest you spend a good amount of time understanding what all the little details are that they are exposing you to. I would not worry so much about the actual memorization of them.
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    I also get confused about these small details but I try to practice using the commands in a simulated environment so it would be easier to configure the different protocols.
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    I doubt they'll expect you to know all the fields in a frame/packet/segment. You could definitely see questions about LCP and [assuming its on the exam topics] CHAP.
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