Wireless aircard suggestions for telecommuting?

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So with the first winter blast I was working at home and my ISP got knocked out at a pretty critical moment in my work day, and my office is about 2 hours away when highways are iced over. Looking for a reliable air card that preferably doesn't have a monthly subscription, as it'd only be used in emergency situations.

Anyone have suggestions for me that maybe they use for work? Any input is much appreciated, I've googled around but not a whole lot of options are jumping out at me as great or reasonably priced.

Thanks for any input!


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    Hmm, would something like this work (if available in your area)

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    I bet it probably would as I am in St. Paul as well, but I'm wondering why it says free internet for life (I don't believe such a thing would exist), and why it is asking for my email and exact street address down to the house number to confirm I am in coverage area. Seems a bit fishy to me.
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    You might checkout Karma Go. They are new, hotspot is in preorder now and should ship in December. Reason I bought it is there are no contracts and your data does not expire. So you can buy a couple Gigs and not worry about it until you need it and then when you do you pay as you go. You can check it out here https://yourkarma.com/. I bought one for the same reason and to have on road trips where my wife's T-mobile phone has no coverage.

    Also if you use this link you and I both get $10 off. https://yourkarma.com/invite/joel273394
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