Sub-interface and Encapsulation

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Good day folks. I am in the middle of studying for my CCNA and I've been using Virtualbox and GNS3 for practice and I hope to use both emulators with my live gear which isnt much - 1 1841 router and a 3550 switch. I do have a question regarding using the switch for daily use. I'm gonna try to be to-the-point as possible:

I have a win7 box that I use for most of my work. I am quite far from my router so I use a Hawking hi-gain usb antenna for internet connectivity. I also have a raspberry pi ( Raspberry Pi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) that I use as a test workstation as well as for XBMC. Since the wifi dongle i have for the raspberry pi can barely get any signal from the router, I plug in a cat5 into the raspberry pi and the other end goes into the ethernet port on my windows box and its just a matter of bridging the connections in order to get internet connectivity to the raspberry pi. Works great. I want to bring the 3550 switch into the picture now

I'd STILL be using the hi-gain antenna for internet connectivity, but instead of bridging the lan and wifi connections, I want to plug my windows pc into a switchport on the 3550 and directly plug the raspberry pi into another switchport on the same switch and have the connections bridged by the switch which would THEN give the raspberry pi internet connectivity.

Can this be accomplished by 802.1q encapsulation or is it more than just creating a vlan for the 2 end-devices?

Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you.



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    As far as I understand, the bridging would still have to be done on the Win7 machine, because it's the one that has the antenna and receives the wireless signal. You can insert the 3550 between the win7 box and the raspberry pie and it should just work. Well, the cables will may need to be straight-through instead of crossover if you were using them.
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    As long as the PC and the Pi are on the same access VLAN, and as davenull above said, you use straight through RJ45 cables then this should work as before.

    Though don't most switches use MDI-X these days? Regardless, I don't like sloppy cabling :)
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    Could it be as simple as plugging in the cat5's into the switch? I guess this is where i say "duuhhh" icon_smile.gif Dave, gorebush, thank you guys for the responses. Yeah, the 3550 IS mdix-compliant. I'll try this out and hopefully, get it working. Cheers!
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    Well.....tried it with just the native vlan ( 1 ) and sadly, it didn't work. Tried putting just the raspberry pi port and the windows 7 ethernet port in their own separate vlan - still no go. icon_sad.gif Any thoughts? Everything pings nicely though.
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