Dell switches and "copy run start"

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I am happy/excited to report I am finally cutting my teeth on some more complex networking issues, unfortunately its on a mix of dell and Cisco L3 switches.

The Cisco's I have been just fine, but I do have a question regarding the dells.

Will issuing the copy run start command on a dell switch cause/require a restart? I know it sounds trivial, but the switches are the backbone for a testing environment. If the "tests" lose network connectivity its bad news...


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    It has never done so in my experience, primarily on Dell's 6200 series
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    Plenty of Dell switch experience over here. It just saves the config and will never reload the switches for you.
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    Great, thanks.

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    Just don't type 'copy start run' icon_smile.gif
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    Just don't type 'copy start run' icon_smile.gif


    Its the kind of day I have had. We are walking into a clients setup blind, the old company wont give up any of the admin credentials/documentation regarding the network & system. I changed all the credentials I could find today (hence this thread). Then about 3 hours after I changed only the passwords the network went down for 2 hours (VLAN's remained up, but interVLAN routing went down)...and of course everyone looked at me because I was the last one in the switches making changes!

    It came back up on its own and the customer did say this is one of the reasons they are moving off from their old support company (this does happen weekly) but still that was 3 hours of grey hair inducing work...

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    I got a call from someone (he is the only IT guy at his company) who I back-up because he typed "no vlan {the most critical VLAN they have}" and pressed enter. Of course the whole network was down as a result. I was driving and hemming and hawing and asked "did you do a 'write mem'" which he hadn't. I had him pull the power on the stack of 8 switches and reboot them, fixed his eff-up down and dirty style. He never typed that command again...
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