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How do you choose a path in IT that you have passion for instead of money
How can you tell when you have a passion for it


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    I'd always choose passion over money, living paycheck to paycheck and happy > rich and depressed. Just so happens in the IT field if you are really good at your passion the you'll make a comfortable amount of money. I learned my general passion when I really enjoy doing the work and time flies by. I'm forward thinking and imagine myself doing it for 40+ hours a week for years.
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    The key is to tie the two what you're passionate about, be the best you can be, and get paid the megabucks doing it.

    Passion is not exclusive to have you discovered other things you are passionate about? Chances are you tried several variations of an activity (take sports, for example) and finally one just clicked. Your job is the same way...taste the rainbow, my friend.
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    The key for me was to find something you're ok at that makes a ton of cash and won't make you want to take a header off a bridge everyday on the way home. This allows you time to focus on the things you enjoy.

    I may be pessimistic, but I've never bought into the concept of being "passionate" at work. You know what keeps me motivated? Not being homeless. You know what keeps me from being homeless? The money.
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