Open Ended Applications

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What are Open Ended Applications? Please define with examples.


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    Homework? What is the context of your question?
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    I come across this term while studying some points regarding Bluetooth.

    Here they are:

    > Universal short-range wireless capability
    > Uses 2.4-GHz band
    > Available globally for unlicensed users
    > Devices within 10 m can share up to 720 kbps of capacity
    > Supports open-ended list of applications (data, audio, graphics, video)
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    I believe in that case it is probably referring the the versatility to use it for many different types of applications.
    My reading of this says that any application that uses blue tooth would fall under that open-ended classification.

    adjective: open-ended; adjective: open-end
    having no determined limit or boundary.
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    Agree w/Jon, I would also say it means it can support as-yet undefined applications, not just the ones specifically listed. It's like saying any kind of car, including weird ones not yet designed/built, will be able to travel down Bluetooth Avenue.
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    @ Jon_Cisco and colemic

    Thank you guys!
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