Gain certification's , what type of cert ? and then what !

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Hello to all ,

I have a simple question , we give our determination , passion , time , money and brain to take this certification's and then what ?

What is the most convinient certification path to gain? What certification to gain to manage to become a netowrk expert ?

I want opinion's from all of you , certified , non-certified , expert's and non-expert's , experienced and not exactly experienced ?
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    First of all, I'm a student and I'm pretty new into the whole certification myself also. But the way I see it is that certification shows that you're willing to put effort, you're not just an ID number, whether it's in school, or in a workplace. For myself, I would like to go into the network industry and seek a job working with network support, and system administration. I am planning on completing my MCDST, and then acheiving Network+, and perhaps I-Net+ from Comptia.

    Since you're also MCP, I recommend you take advantage of MCP Maganzine, available here: I've read an article that talks about certifications and why bother with them. They even said to not only work on Microsoft ones, but be well rounded.

    I am not sure about other members here, but I plan on hoping starting with technican support, and help desk positions first (hence the A+ and MCDST), and then hoping upgrading myself and seek advancement to network and system administration.

    In your case, it seems like you're on your way to a very nice combination of qualifications. You can get CCNP/CCSP, and CCIE. And at the same time complete MCSA/MCSE.

    But in any case, I think job experience is still the most important thing on your resume.
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