Certifications to get alongside my degree (Need ideas/recommendations)

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So I've recently started university and I've been studying networking for quite a while.. Since college so I'm nearly done with the CCNA. once I'm done with this I do have intentions on going for the CompTIA Security+

As it stands and from college/university thus far I have managed to deduce that my primary interests like within networking (management and engineering side) and security.. Mostly on the networking side of security. EDIT: There's also databases which I do like but I'm pretty ridiculous at it as it stands.

From this.. During my time at university what certifications would you guys recommend I go for.. Please don't say none because waiting around doing the occasional studying makes me lazy and bored very quickly.:)

Ohh and finances are of partial concern.. To the extent that everything I need to know will need to be self-taught as opposed to in-class teaching.. I'll be able to afford lab equipment and examination costs. Just not the overpriced teaching that many places provide.

Second thing.. I have no work experience. Though I do hope that a Masters course afterwards will provide that opportunity (provided I go that far)

So.. Based on what I've mentioned what certifications would you recommend hunting down after my CCNA and Security+

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    Get an internship or two. Something in networking. If you lack experience it will be more valuable then a third cert. After that CEH or CCNA Sec.

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