Stanly College: Offering a CCNA online course like the popular VMware ICM....

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I got an email today from my instructors that I keep in contact with over at Stanly and they are offering a CCNA class like the VMware ICM class coming Spring 2015.

Below is a quote from the email directly:

Note: cleverly used the Stanly_CC user so I could make the quoted email icon_rolleyes.gif
STANLY_CC wrote: »
Stanly Community College is happy to announce the offering of the Cisco CCNA curriculum under the umbrella of Continuing Education. These courses are designed to prepare students for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. Many of you have taken courses with us in the past and have expressed an interest in taking additional classes.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate curriculum consists of four courses. These include:





In order for students to be successful, Cisco recommends that students take all four courses in the order offered.

Stanly Community College is offering INTRODUCTION TO NETWORKS in this Spring 2015 semester starting February 10. This is a fast-paced course that is conducted entirely online. All course materials, assessments, and labs are available 24/7 through our online learning management system. Students will have access to top of the line instruction and equipment. The course booklet and lab manual are strongly recommended, but they are not required at this time.

Interested students are encouraged to register as soon as possible as seating is limited to the first 25 students.

To register:

· Online: Stanly Community College - Albemarle, NC

o Schedules > Continuing Education > CAS 300051 100 > Submit

· By Telephone: 704-991-0123

· In person: Visit our Albemarle or Crutchfield Campuses

At this time, due to evolving changes in higher education regulations, SCC is unable to serve all of the students that are interested in our courses or programs. SCC will no longer be able to offer distance education online programs or courses for students residing in Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

For additional questions regarding the course or the Cisco CCNA curriculum, please feel free to contact us.

Here is a link to the somewhat future website of it on Stanly's website: Linky


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    I received one of these a while ago too and realized the class costs a lot of money. IIRC you have to pay almost $200 per class which comes out to almost $800 if you want to attend all 4 CCNA academy classes. You can probably find cheaper CCNA academy classes at your local community college or just fork out some money for the 2 Wendell Odom books for ICND1/2.
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