Queston regarding group policy application

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I read the MSPRESS 290 book and it stated under the Terminal Services section, that any conflicts between the computer and user section, the computer group policy wins.

I'm looking at the Sybex 291 book right now, and it tells me that the User Policy takes precedence over the Computer policy which completely contradicts the MSPRESS 290 book regarding terminal services group policy application.

Which is the correct precedence. Does Computer Policy take predence over a conflicting User Policy?
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    It's not really a contradiction, but rather a matter of certain exceptions that apply to the general rule.

    Yes, in general User Settings apply when conflicting with Computer Settings. A couple of exceptions are when:

    1. Group Policy Loopback Processing is used.
    2. Terminal Services - if you open GPEdit.msc and go to the Terminal Services section under User Config, you will see a little note in some of the explanations like this:
    Note: This setting does not apply to console sessions such as Remote Desktop sessions with computers running Windows XP Professional. Also note that this setting appears in both Computer Configuration and User Configuration. If both settings are configured, the Computer Configuration setting overrides.

    There may be other exceptions as well, but these are two I am aware of.
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