Having issues installing DNS on 2nd DC

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All servers are 2k3.

DC1 =

DC1 is a Domain Controller and has DNS of course installed just fine. There are a couple custom A Records.

DC2 =
DNS: Tried several setups

I've tried to install DNS on here, choosing active directory integrated primary with replication to "All DNS servers in contoso.com domain (middle option). When installing Active Directory I had the DNS configuration pointing to DC1 not itself so it could copy all the Directory information onto the 2nd DC. Once I rebooted, AD was installed and everything was good.

I then proceeded to install DNS and left the DNs information as (DC1) even though I was isntalling DNS on DC2. It installed, and I had to change the IP back to and then did a netdiag /fix to get the SRV records. The thing is, it's not copying A records from DC1. The servers wont replicate with eachother. It gives RPC server is unavailable when I try repadmin /syncall. How am I supposed to properly install DNS on a 2nd Domain Controller?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I just uninstalled DNS completely on DNS2 so it'd just be a DC instead of a DNS server also, and I can't even unisntall DCPromo. It states it cannot even contact DC01. I dunno what the hell is going on.
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    Btw guys, I figured out the issue and figured I would post my findings here.

    On the 2nd dc, I had as the primary and the 1st DC/DNS as the secondary. Since DNS works that it tries the primary and if that fails, it attempts the 2nd which still allows a successfuly AD installation. Since it tried the for dns and failed, it must've cached the negative response.

    I started from scratch and left DC1's IP configuration alone and just left it pointing to itself for DNS. Before I DCPROMO'd the 2nd server, I just set the dns primary to the main DC server with dns. It then installed AD and then I installed DNS and installed primary AD integrated zone and it pulled everything just fine and then I just changed the primary dns server ip to its own ip address and everything works 100% fine now.
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    It's not a good idea to use loopback address as the DNS client configuration.

    When setting up AD, use only one DNS server as the reference until you are sure AD replication is working. Otherwise, if 2 or more DC servers have DNS installed with zone for AD domain and the zones are configured as AD integrated, they could be pulling bad info needed for replication, and can't replicate back the good DNS info, since that's relying on AD replication that's not working. Chicken and egg DNS syndrom as I like to call it.

    Once AD replication is showing to be working, then by all means use the local DNS server and cross reference to the other one.
    Remember, a bad answer is still an answer, and so that server will continue to be used for DNS. Only when a DNS server does not respond at all does the client move to the next DNS server for queries.
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