70-687 8.1 differences?

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Hey all,

I'm currently studying for the 70-687 using the Pluralsight videos and Mike Halsey Exam ref book.

Both of these seem to only cover Windows 8, as opposed to Windows 8.1, Are there any major differences with the exam? Would it be worth investing in the 8.1 book or are there any good online materials to fill in the gaps that you could recommend?



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    I believe there are a few differences yes. If you go to this website https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-gb/exam-70-687.aspx and go under the 'Skills Measured' section, there is a hyperlink you can click on and it will give you a .pdf file explaining all of the 8.1 content that has been added to the course. This recent 8.1 update is causing me a little trouble too as there doesn't really seem to be a wide range of resources for it. I personally would go ahead and buy the book, I've read it myself and it is quite useful and can fill you in on a few things the videos may not, it also gives you references to TechNet (which will be a huge help to you) so you can research things on there.

    As far as my knowledge goes, there are some people who have gotten away with just using the Windows 8 content but you wouldn't really want any surprises when you go into the exams so it is better to be safe than sorry. If you need some videos teaching the 8.1 content, you might want to try CBT Nuggets as they have updated their course to cover this. I am using a combination of the two to study for mine and there are a few differences and pieces that are now included (such as configuring virtual smart cards and broadband tethering) but the majority of the principles are the same.

    One other thing I should mention (I'm not sure if Pluralsight mentions this, I can't remember) is that in the update, they have renamed Skydrive to Onedrive (its exactly the same so its not anything to be concerned about) but either name could come up so don't been thrown off by that, they're the same thing.

    Good luck!!
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    That's great, thank you for the info, you are right maybe i should buy the 8.1 book :)
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