Transcender Practice exam questions

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I wrote ITIL foundation last week, hamster could do it.

I am writing 70-461 this week which I grossly underestimated.

Example question
You need to limit the required permissions to the underlying database tables and reduce join complexity. A simplified table should be available to the application. Which object(s) should you use? (Choose all that apply. Each answer is a complete solution.)




Stored Procedure

User-defined scalar-valued function

User-defined table-valued function

I understand the question, of course a view, Yea stored proc if you remember to check the question for References to the word index

Lets say, Never heard of a table-valued function before, which I have not, but I selected View and Stored Proc.

Is that 0 perc for the entire question, or do I get partial Marks for Right, and maybe partial deduction for wrong

These questions are so tricky, that you actually need to KNOW the underlying context of functions I never even dreamed of..

I am going to see my butt, I allocated a week to prepare for this course... Moron... Absolute Moron, and if I reschedule for future date, I take the pressure off, by rescheduling, other stuff will become more important...


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    This is a good question! I would probably answer View, Stored Procedure and user-defined table-valued function. Don't know if you get partial credit.
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