Took 70-687 8.1 exam today and failed

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I took the exam today and failed. My score is 651. I've used Trainsignal & MeasureUp tests as my studying tools. There were a few questions on there that I didn't expect. Edison didn't invent the light bulb on his first try so back to studying I go...Hopefully will try to retake again this week. icon_rolleyes.gif
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    Sorry to hear that, but I admire your "never give up" attitude. Take a moment to go over your weak areas, then kick that exam's butt :)
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    @ILUVIT is this your first Microsoft exam?

    I will say you have a great attitude toward the exam. Keep us informed on how you do on the retake.
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    I'm not the book kinda person, video training engages me more...however, since I did not pass today I may need to pick one up. I saw Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals Technical Overview, it's free and I just might use that also. I fly internationally end of this week and want to retake the exam while the content is still fresh in my mind, so I'm aiming for Wednesday. Luckily my employer allows us to take a "study day", where we stay home, study all day but still get paid...I may need to use another one.

    I took the Windows 7 exam in early 2012 and did not pass it. My score was very poor and boy was I not expecting a test like that, it was so difficult for me. I will admit my study tools involved just one book, no labbing and I had not yet found this site. I decided to wait until I felt I had some more knowledge and the right study tools. Turns out my employer wants me to get Windows 8 certified so that's why I went for 70-687 vs taking the Windows 7 exam. Honestly, I felt the Windows 8.1 exam to be easier than the Windows 7 exam, at least in my case. Everyone is different.
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    Just to give you an example of a question I had no clue about, was a PSExec command that I had to finish by dragging and dropping parts of the command. I guess I also need to read more about the PowerShell tools available, it really threw me off.
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    There isn't a single exam of any vendor that you can pass with only CBT training. CBTs are awesome to get a great overview but if you want to be good at anything, you have to hit the books for a technical deep dive and lab the technology...
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    good luck on your next attempt.
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    Don't beat yourself up you was nearly there I took 70-687 it was bloody hard just stick with it I am currently looking at the 688 with the changes 8,1 going to be a nightmare I believe

    Chin up icon_smile.gif
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    Hi Everyone, So just wanted to give you all an update. I sucked up the fail and got back on the study grind on Sunday & Monday. This morning I took the exam at my local test center for 7 a.m. and PASSED! I got a 785 and boy am I relieved to be done with this one. I ended up only going over all the Measure Up practice test questions in all areas, and focused extra on the areas I needed improvement in. Turns out I didn't need any book to help me pass the exam, just the Trainsignal videos & Measure Up practice tests. Also, as a side note all my study material and practice test questions were based on Windows 8 not 8.1, interestingly enough I still passed. Time to ask my boss for a raise. :) Next Up: 70-688
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    Congrats on the pass! Your study regime is a little unorthodox but it seems to work for you so far... I agree with Architect192, you will have to hit the books eventually on the higher level stuff but you give me hope that the Windows 8 exam is an easier exam than Windows 7 for beginners... I'll be able to judge this myself in the next few weeks once the 8.1 books are released.
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    When I took the exam 687 was def easier then 680.
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    Hi Guyz

    I want to go write the 70-687 exam but I jus want to know if there is anywhere I can get the study material like **** that I can study?

    I will be gratefulicon_redface.gif
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    Hi Guyz

    I want to go write the 70-687 exam but I jus want to know if there is anywhere I can get the study material like **** that I can study?

    I will be gratefulicon_redface.gif

    The forum community doesn't support dumping...

    If you are looking for normal study material, it is mentioned in the previous posts.

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    Hi All,

    I have been reading the posts and i can see lot of enthusiastic professionals here. I can really see myself to get some help from you guys.
    I am not a techie by graduation. I am btech chemical Engineer and happened to change my lines to IT 4 years ago. I was working for Global Help Desk for IT support. For me it was just knowing the particular technology and supporting it. After that i was interested in coding and learnt by self vbs,, powershell scripting and also have hands on experience in setting up WSUS server, KMS and deploying Office 365 ProPlus... So your question might be what I miss here... Yeah like all other IT professionals i dont have the basics in place... I learnt all those technologies as and when it needed by my job.... Now i wanted to do windows 8/8.1 .... i can understand all other stuffs in this technical book but only thing that finds me hard is Imaging... sysprep...creating customized image.... im not sure i am trying my best to understand but i miss the basic understanding of it... Can anyone of you help me to get this understood properly by pointing me to a great resource where i can study and practice? Do we have any lab sessions for this in MS virtual academy?

    Please help me out with this

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    If you can write and read PowerShell you will pass 8.1 in a breeze. Imaging is simple, if you have 8.1 Pro in your computer/laptop install Hyper-V and follow this link:
    Building the Perfect Windows 8.1 Image | TechEd North America 2014 | Channel 9

    Do this lab Create Reference Image.

    TechNet Virtual Labs

    Also check MVA for MDT training and Technet virtual for the MDT Lab.

    I highly recommend you to spin up a Hyper-V VM of server 2012 R2 and another Win 8.1 VM.

    Last thing is check out this guy youtube channel, he did an amazing job explaining MDT

    Course Syllabus – Windows 8.1 and MDT 2013 | BJ's Technology News Blog

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm due to sit the Configuring Windows 8.1 ref 70-687 next week and was wondering what the pass mark is.

    Please can someone let me know

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    c colon i net pub dubdubdub root
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm due to sit the Configuring Windows 8.1 ref 70-687 next week and was wondering what the pass mark is.

    Please can someone let me know

    The pass mark is 700
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    thanks for the reply..hopefully I shall pass icon_smile.gif
  • roblees1974roblees1974 Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    another question. how many questions are there in the 70-687 exam? thanks
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    Hi Guys,

    Without going into a long and boring story but I recently failed my 70-687 exam and I would like any advice on how actually revise for this? I mean I already read that some like to learn by watching tutorial videos or reading the books.

    I've never been good at learning things by myself and I have an interest in Computers and IT all my life. I am currently in an IT Support job and I need to show my bosses that I am good enough to work in the company. I’m scared that I could lose my job if I can't show if I can pass it in the future.

    In the Windows 3.1 days, i learned all the MS-DOS commands and i used to play with computers all the time.

    I have Asperger’s and learning difficulties.....this makes my life hell when trying to learn new stuff. icon_sad.gif I'm sure somewhere in this forum who has Asperger’s or a Learning Difficulty who have passed the 70-687 (or other Microsoft/CISCO exams) Can give me advice or tell me how they found a way to learn the 70-687 and pass it?

    I was thinking to go down the route of using CBT Nuggets and the sort. But £600 a year (i'm in the UK btw) is too much for me and i don't know another way unless any of you guys know another video tutorials website or other resource for 70-687?

    *phew* Hopefully someone will be able to answer my questions or try to help me, i would be very grateful :)
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    Hi SelimToruko,

    Sorry to hear that your 70-687 exam didn’t go to well. Don’t be disheartened though; as you can see by reading through this post, there are lots of people that have found this course quite challenging.

    For the exam, I think it is best to use a combination of techniques to prepare for it. In regards to the price of the videos, I agree with you – CBT Nuggets are quite expensive. Perhaps an alternative for you would be to check out Pluralsight (, they are a little cheaper and they are quite useful as I have used them in the past to study for my A+ Exams. You can sign up for a free trial to check them out and see how you feel about that. You could also purchase some books to read if that’s your thing. They’ve got books advertised on Microsoft’s site that you could read, I believe you can get one on Amazon that even comes with a CD and some practice questions on it so that might help.

    I think that you would really need to do some lab work in combination with the method that you choose though so perhaps you might want to get a virtual machine and download the Windows 8.1 Enterprise trial from Microsoft as well as trials for the other products involved such as Office 365 and have a play around with them so you get used to where everything is and what not. One other thing I recommend is researching the topics in the course on Technet, this is quite useful and covers the concepts in more detail.

    There’s no right or wrong way to study for it really, you’ve just got to know yourself and what benefits you, so don’t worry if some methods that others have used don’t work out for you. What I would do is have a go at the videos or try one of the books and just keep going over and over it. Study for a bit, then take a break and then go over what you’ve learnt a little while later. Keep going over it and slowly it’ll get better for you. Combine that with a bit of research from Technet and you’ll be fine. That’s what I’m doing, I haven’t actually passed the exams yet but I’ve been studying them for a while now so hopefully I will really soon. One thing I can say though is it does get easier over time, the first couple of times it can be a bit overwhelming because of the quantity of things you need to learn but you just got to hang in there and keep going over it in a way that is suitable for you.
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    Well, i'm trying to be the best IT Support Engineer i possibly can be but i really need to pass 70-687 & 70-688.
    Can you really do monthly payments with Pluralsight?
    I'm not 100% sure which way is suitable for me. but i guess i have to find out myself which i've been trying to do so for a while now but i keep on hitting brick walls..

    Thanks for your help and advice though :)
    I hope that anyone else has any advice they can give me? It would be welcome..
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    pple plz help me next week am writing an exam of windows 8.1, which book or site my i use in order to learn please help me.... Thank you all
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    Lungisani wrote: »
    pple plz help me next week am writing an exam of windows 8.1, which book or site my i use in order to learn please help me.... Thank you all

    Have you studied at all for this exam? If not i would think that it is too hard of an exam to pass in a weeks worth of study time.
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    I am going to take my 70-687 this Saturday. I finished CBTNuggets and going through Exam Ref book.
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    sheiky wrote: »
    I am going to take my 70-687 this Saturday. I finished CBTNuggets and going through Exam Ref book.

    Keep us all posted on your result.

    Would you mind confirming which Exam Ref Book you are using to study for this exam?

  • thikskinthikskin Registered Users Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□ or go to and type in 70-687 in the search bar. Quizlet is good and so is youtube. With you tube I would go there and also type in 70-687.


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    Congrats on your re-take and pass. I am taking the exam May 28th. I have the MOAC book and MOAC labs. I have installed the trial edition of Windows 8.1 Enterprise and I have a Windows Server 2012 trial as well. I used measureup for my MTA exam and it was ok. Is measureup better for this exam in everyone's opinion?
  • SelimTorukoSelimToruko Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I took 70-687 again last week and i failed again...

    and i was using Quizlet and Pluralsight to revise from...

    I don't know what to do about this now... I don't know another way for me to learn...
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