Remote access policies

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From playing around with it, it doesn't seem like remote access policies take effect right away after changing it. I made a custom one and it took around 5+ minutes for it to even start working where my test user could get access to the remote access server. My user is connecting and I completely removed his custom granted policy and now I have the 2 default policies which are set to deny (left them both at default). The active directory dial-in tab has it set to use remote access policy. Why are the users still getting access with the 2 default policies set to deny?

Edit: I just tried again now and now it's restricting the user access. Don't know the the change isn't instantaneous.
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    For group policies the change is not instant. You have to force the updated policies.

    In CMD type "gpupdate /force"

    Though sometimes this doesn't work. You may end up logging on and off the user account a few times for the change to pick up.
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    But he is not working with group policies, he is working with remote access policies. Otherwise I would have spoken up about that too.
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