Taking CISSP after April 15th, Can anyone recommend any books...

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reflecting the new requirements? Any thoughts as well about the new vs. the old would be appreciated thanks!

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    Papa doc has a recent post of the official guide being updated. I have no idea how good it is, but it's a start. The problem is that there is no overlap and that's why publications may take a-bit to catch up. Like with SEC 301 and 401, there was an overlap for nearly a year I think, which helps... but you know CISSP is a different monster.
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    suggest that you wait and attempt the exam only when you are confident, aware and prepred for all the changes
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    Hi there , me too preparing for the CISSP exam . waiting to see who clears it first. i checked with cccure.org and they said not any major changes.check out their site .i wrote to ISC2 and they said get the new book . i refer right now to shon harris 6th edi plus ccure.org question bank.
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