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Does anyone know any way to make Office 2013 a bit easier on the eyes? This thing will frustrate me to the point of no return and it's only been 1 day so far since i started using it. The lines are so thin, the color backgrounds, the themes etc make it hard to focus. To me it looks like everything is part of one huge tab. I was straining my eyes yesterday just to focus on the different parts of outlook. Is there anyway to make the line separators between the different tabs and areas a bit thicker?


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    I do find Office 2013 a little annoying to look at. They need to add some color in there somewhere, or at least give the option to! But the only option I have seen is in File > Options > and then change the background color. (Got mine set to Dark Gray) It is still annoying to look at though. Getting used to it after awhile... Hopefully they do change it though.
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    Did some research and of course I wasn't crazy. There's a lot of complaints about the lack of theme configuration and personalization in therms of Outlook 2013. From what I read, Microsoft has no plans on any updates to address this issue and a lot of people are hoping the next version of Outlook 2016 will be more pleasant to the eye.
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    A lot of whitespace in Office 2013. It's ridiculous how much wasted space there is.
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    2016 preview is available and the whitespace turned into bluespace, still just as much though, yawn.
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