What happens if my internet get disconnected in the middle of doing VCA-DCV exam?

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How does the online exam work?
What happens if I my internet get disconnected in the middle of the exam? Does it pause / can I resume it later? Or is it gone forever and I am considered as "failed" ?


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    "Internet connection: you will need a sustained, high speed internet connection for the duration of the exam."

    You might be able to continue if you reconnect within the 75 minute test, but I would not expect the test timer to pause, no.
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    Like playing online poker. "Game" goes on when disconnected. Either you get back on time or you fail if the current answered questions won't be enough for a pass.

    If worried, maybe take it in a test center instead ?
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    Hello jibbajabba and joelsfood,

    Thanks for the replies. I see. My internet connection just got a bit unstable recently that's why I am concerned about this.
    jibbajabba wrote: »
    If worried, maybe take it in a test center instead ?
    So we can also take this online exam at the VUE testing center? I thought it's only done at our own place and VUE is not responsible to provide the place for this particular exam.
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    VCA-DCV is online only, I believe. That being said, most testing centers, at leats around here, offer some kind of PC training, etc so I expect you could work out a deal to use one of their training PCs and their internet connection to take the test, for a minimal charge (not at a testing center like CDW, but one of the ones that's at a technical training school)
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    I guess it was you who asked the same question on the VMware community forum...

    Find a location that has a stable internet connection, if yours is not. It could be a friend, work, a library - anywhere...
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