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Arter I've been studying both Lifecycle way to expert and Capability way, i think I've landed on Capability.

Now I'm looking for books to prepare. But is it right that Axelos do not have the same set of books for Capability? I've found a set og books for Lifecycle.

what other books is the recommend?


  • Liz GallacherLiz Gallacher Member Posts: 107
    There are 5 ITIL books. These are the basis for both Lifecycle and Capability. The courses take a different approach to the same material - Lifecycle is a management understanding, Capability is about how to do it. So there are no other books.
  • UncleBUncleB Member Posts: 417
    Liz is correct - there are only the 5 lifecycle books, so you may find it more logical to follow the lifecycle route unless you have a strong reason to chose the capability route.
    The training course you take will give you the basic material you need as part of it (I hope you realise a exam-specific course completion certificate is required to even book an intermediate exam) and the books give you the reference library of material to go into lots of depth.

    As a general question to the other members, there is no book for the MALC exam in the same way as the lifecycle courses have one, so do you really NEED to buy a book for it? I have the training course notes & videos so have some material.

    The books I saw are the one from Axelos ( Passing Your ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle Exam about US$ 50) and "ITIL 2011 Managing Across the Lifecycle Student Guide" by Suzanne Van Hove (costs $135) but I have the impression that these may only recap the material from the last 5 lifecycle exams I have just passed and may not add much.

    If anyone has used these books can they let us know how useful they were please?

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