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Greetings !
I am a newbee here.. Just started studying for ccna cert.And i am kind of stuck in this topic cisco ios part !! icon_sad.gif
how do i study these commands without installing any router or switch?? help me please ..
thanks in advance


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    Your best bet is to either get an inexpensive Cisco router to practice on, or look into installed GNS3 or Packettracer which will simulate having a Cisco device on your computer.
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    Use an emulator. Packet Tracer or GNS3
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    The easiest solution: Packet Tracer. There are some functions that are not there though. PT should work well for ICND1.

    The medium solution: GNS3. This is more of a virtual router than a simulation. You will run the actual IOS. That being said, you will have to actually acquire the IOS images in order to emulate them.

    The other option would be to get physical equipment and build a home lab. I have used all three options, and I enjoy my lab most. It was however, an expensive option. If you can afford real gear, I would say get it. Packet Tracer will get you through ICND1 with no qualms though. Between the two I would go for GNS3 though if you can get the images.
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    Id recommend both equipment and GNS3 (or packet tracer).

    If you really wanted to do the minimum and use/test commands, you could do that with GNS3.

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    Another vote for Packet Tracer. I'm not sure how you could pass the test without having that installed or having a lab (or are working in that environment). Packet Tracer helped me immensely.
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    Packet Tracer for doing it the cheap way. It will work for CCNA R&S but not for any of the other sub paths (Security, Voice etc.). You do have other solutions available to you such as Boson or the Pearson Simulator CCNA. You can also learn the topics by reading books also. Good luck with your studies.
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    Packet Tracer for CCNA. GNS3/CSR1000V + actual switches (3560/3750) for CCNP/IE.
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