Please help!!! 70-640

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Hello everyone,

I am a student @WGU. Currently, I am toward the end of my BS degree program. The only thing standing in my way at the moment is the 70-640. I have taken it twice and have failed it twice. Let me tell you what I have done to prep for this test so far:
1. Read the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit book (used VMWare to do the labs in the lessons of the book)
2. Watched all of the videos from CBT Nuggets for the 70-640.
3. Transcender practice questions
4. MeasureUp Microsoft Press Training Kit practice questions
5. Using VMWare Player, created a lab with 2 DC's and a few host machines
6. Read the official Microsoft Press book for the 70-640.

I am struggling with this exam like no other. This will be my 9th certification and the first one I have ever failed when taking. Between MeasureUp and Transcender, there is a total of 405 questions. I can breeze through these, no problem. I am able to work out in my head WHY any given answer is the correct one (in other words, it isn't simply me having a familiarity with the questions because I've already gone over them, although I am sure that is a factor). However, as soon as I hit the exam, I have only been able to muster up a 650 score! That's close to passing, but it is certainly not comfortable or reliable enough to warrant any credit.

I guess I just need help in coming up with a tactic. I feel like my position right now is that I have a solid understanding of the majority of the material, but just can't get passed that hurdle to the finish line. Do you guys think I just need to iron out the small details of all the material? There have been many questions on my two attempts that I was just pissed about because NOWHERE in my studies had I come across them (and no, not the exact questions, but the material they were using to form the question).

Any help is much appreciated. And yes, I have already looked at the stickies and such. I will definitely see what I can do. I was more hoping for someone who has taken the test and knows what it is like to point me in the right direction given my particular circumstance. I feel like I had a good enough score to the point hat I don't need to start from square one, but also have a bad enough score that I am not sure what the hell to do.

Any input is much appreciated.


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    look at your score reports. How are you doing in each area?
    Were you consistently strong in AD DS and DNS?
    In each attempt what were your weakest areas?

    Is all of your study material R2 versions?

    Have you already passed the 70-642? or is this your first MCSA exam?
    Do you have any experience with server 2008 in a production environment?
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    Hey dude, did you ever retake this exam? Just wondered as it's an exam that defeated me a few years back, so much so it put me off the cert track for a while. Routing for you man!
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