801 down with an 800. 802 to cross the finish line

ThreePeakSolutionsThreePeakSolutions Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
Was certain I'd flubbed 801 due to some odd questions.....Nope! 800/900=89% 😀 Without giving anything away, it was far different than what I expected. In terms of the style. It was the same content as all the practice tests in training materials. It is after all a pretty set list of content. I notice 802 minium passing score gets bumped to 700/900 for a pass. What's the consensus? 802 harder or easier than 801 in your opinion? With all the cmd line practical questions and worse, all the switches for each one....somehow it seems like (802 ) should be the harder. Why lift minimum passing score? Content in 802 deemed more important to A+ role?


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