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Hello community,
i recently took my CCNA , now am diving into CCNP almost readying myself for the ROUTE exam , but the question that keep roll in my mind , will i still need a degree in IT , Networking ? i have a BSc in Food Science and biotechnology but i have more passion toward technology or to be more specific toward networking , i just love it , so sooner or later do i still need the 4-years degree in networking ? i really looking for experienced people to answer my question icon_confused.gif:

Yousif HaQi


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    Depends on your location and what type of job you are going for. In the UK I find that the only networking jobs that tend to have any mention of a degree are government jobs. Every networking job I've held has been in banking and in my experience employers are only interested in vendor/industry certs.

    But remember a certification is only as useful as your experience. Target jobs that match your skills set, experience and aspirations.

    Good luck.
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