Handed and Android tablet and told to become a SME

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Started a new job yesterday, and this is the situation. A part of my job will require me to do mobile support. Mostly Citrix XenMobile, however my boss wants me to understand how to support android devices. I'm looking at this from like an IT Professional perspective, as I'm NOT being expected to understand anything about the development side of the device.

Anyone have any book or site recommendations that covers the general features and setup processes across the more common versions of Android ? Looking mostly for 4.0+ ? Anything would be helpful at this point. Not sure where to start.


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    I would suggest that if you have a company-issued iPhone, make them give you (or get you) an android phone. Daily use and exploration is how I become proficient at something.
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    My thoughts as well colemic. Start using it like a user would. You'll likely hit most of the common issues while setting it up and using.
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    Android Phones for Dummies
    Android Tablets for Dummies

    Download AMIDuOS (Run Android on Windows - Fastest Android Emulator) and use it as a sandbox (runs android 4.2.2). If your company is installing apps on devices that aren't from the playstore, make sure you find out where to enable "allow installation of apps from unknown sources".

    Android device setting locations vary from different releases, different brands, and even between tablets/phones.
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    I echo what others said, but also when you're going through setup and come across weird, unintuitive, etc. make sure to document the problem and resolution or try to create/tap into an existing knowledge management tool for future troubleshooting, etc.

    I'm verizon or something has posted troubleshooting guides/forums for their android devices that could be a good resource also
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    Sounds like an opportunity to show value. I think tablets will gain more traction in the up in coming years. Not a bad skill to possess.
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    I hated being the "mobile device support guy" when I did it at previous company. =P
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