retirement of 800 series introduction of 900 series.. how will this work?

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So the 901/02 will be out this year Im guessing as the books for the cert comes out Dec 2nd. How long will we have after the 901/02 come out to get the 801/02? I guess your answer will reflect on how long people could obtain the 701/02 when the 801/02 came out. Asking due to working out my future cert plans.


  • G.O.A.TG.O.A.T Member Posts: 138
    Also lets say you passed the 801 but failed the 802, andtheexam had now been retired.. would this deem the 801 pass useless or could you use it to skip the 901 and justsit the 902?
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    Well, how did it go last time? These seem like questions that only Comptia staff can answer. If you know how things worked the last time they upgraded then it should be the same way this time.
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    There is a six month overlap between them. Basically, when you buy a voucher, it's for the 800 series. If you don't use it before the 800 series expires, you're out of luck.

    That's the sense I got when I saw someone ask the same question. But, hey, you're not going to fail the 802, so what's it matter?
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