What certification is best for beginners A+ or Network+?

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Currently studying for the MTA Exam 98-349, and i am wanting to start studying for the A+ or Network+

I have the books for all of these, a lot of people said the MTA is super easy, which i am more familiar with Operating Systems and hardware other than networking. I currently attend school at ITT Tech majoring in Network Systems Administration. Ive taking Client Server Networking courses, and Intro to networking. Learned alot but i feel like i need more practice in the networking field.

I am a beginner with no certifications so if anyone can recommend some other certifications to take that would be great!

So my question is which exam would be easier for me? A+ or Network+?

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    My recommendation to you is to start with the A+ certification because its the foundation to everything else. The A+ goes into networking, which prepares you not only for the A+ certification exams, but also the Network+ study material. How I know this is because I'm studying for the Network+ now and have noticed that the material I'm studying, some of it came from the A+ material. Therefore, I'll start studying the A+ certification and than the Network+ if I were you. That's how I'm doing it. I received my A+ certification this passed March. Now I'm half-way completing the Network+ studying. I should be taking the Network+ exam some time in mid-July. After that, I'm going to study for the Security+. However, you can take a different path. Just start off studying and taking the A+ certification exams. Hope this helps in terms of what path you want to take. Good luck. icon_thumright.gif
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    I will say don't underestimate the MTA's. It was more difficult than I expected, and I've seen people with A+ fail them. That said, the 98-349 is scheduled to be retired 6/1, so get on it.
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    I agree with the posts already; do the A+ first. Now to finish mine....
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