Studying for 800 series.

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I am studying for the 800 series and have been watching Professor Messer's videos. What else do you recommend I read, watch, or study to get ready for the A+ certs? The videos have been good in closing some loops I had open in material, but some material has been new to me. Just gone through the 801 videos so far. Any ideas would be welcome!
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    Mike Meyers and Exam Cram. :)

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    Take a copy of the objectives from CompTIA and go through each bullet point, decide what you know and what you need more time to study and start creating a list of topics from there. Additionally, I too recommend the MeYers text if one need additional study time or the exam cram or passport for a lighter review.

    How much experience do you have working with the material you will be testing on? The more hands on you have the more confident you will be with the material. If you are short on experience, start getting some even if it is only working on old stuff you can beg/borrow from friends or family.
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