Beware of IRS scam threatening arrests

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So i received a call on Saturday from a number I didn't recognize and being Saturday i thought who would want to talk to me on a Saturday? So i let the phone ring and didn't pick up. They left a voicemail saying it was "DOJ calling and they were conducting a health survey" gave a number to call back and said it's important. So i delete the voicemail and forgot about it. Then comes Sunday and I get the same call again. I ignore it again but this time there was no voicemail. Then comes monday and i receive the phone call again. I picked up and they said the same thing but now instead of the health survey, they were like we are conducting a survey and want to know if you use your phone number for personal use of business use. I think to myself what? Doj doing this kinda surveys and then tell them I'm not interested in participating. They were like no you have to answer the question and thats all i want. So I'm thinking, whatever I'll say yes i use ot for both. They say thank you and then they hang up.

3 hours pass, i receive another call. This time from IRS! I'm thinking oh no I'm in trouble now. So they start off by saying. Mr x did you know that we have been trying to reach you? Why havent you responded to our letters that we have send to you address at xxxxxx (I'm think, what? They know where i live and have my number?) So they continue, yes we send 2 letters and because you have not reaponded there is a warrant now for your arrest! I'm like what warrant? So they continue, the warrant is for case number 11670 and its because you have filed fraudulent tax returns to avoid paying taxes! I'm thinking... my accountant is in trouble now lol. Then i ask what's your name? And what's your badge number? So they give a name and a budge number. I ask again, what's your name and the badge number? So then their tone changes... is that how you respond to a federal officer? Do you want me to go to the police? At that point I had enough. I tell them, no don't go to the police. I will go to the police myself. They were like ok and hang up.

These scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated, stealing government data even when that data might not seem sensitive, they can be used to scam others by providing a sense of authority to put fear into peoples minds. They probably used some of the info i have out there that are public and tried to scare me. Be careful people!


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