Limited of No connectivity

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I have a laptop Dell c600 Latitude, and a Pc, i want to make a home networking. Im using win xp prof.

the cabling , nic card, all r new.
it was working but then it started displaying message
"Limited or no connectivity"
i tried winsockxp fix but no chg, tried installing windows xp itself, not working

i can access the local folder but not the internet
which is shared

cud anyone pls


  • RussSRussS Member Posts: 2,068 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I guess you have restarted your router?

    Usually something like that can be one of many things. The first thing I do if I have any issues is restart the router - then replace the patch lead if that doesn't work. Failing that I would uninstall the NIC, nuke the dirvers and reinstall.
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    More info would be helpful. :)
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    open a command prompt and run ipconfig, and tell us what is output for IP Address.
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    Most likely the router. A simple loopback will tell you the NIC is good. A CAT5 loopback will show the cable and router port is good. Working the winsock would be the last option. $0.2
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    I think I saw this problem once , and I even had it many time's.The problem is that better plug your LAN & WAN cable's in your router , with your router and PC closed and then open the router and PC.It's a trick here , that you have to pay attention .

    It's your NAT , ICS ? going fine ? try something like ipconfig /all .

    It may help. icon_wink.gif
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